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Grade Calculation

Quarter: Labs/In-Class Activities   40%
  Lecture/Film Notes   15%
  Homework   25%
  Tests/Quizzes   20%
Semester: 1st Quarter   45%
  2nd Quarter   45%
  Final Exam     10%

*Students will be responsible for all material in the chapters.  Do not assume that because we did not discuss it in class that it will not be on the test!!

Grades will be based on a standard scale:
98-100%   A+   92-97.9    A   90-91.9   A-
88-89.9%   B+   82-87.9   B   80-81.9    B-
78-79.9%   C+   72-77.9   C   70-71.9    C-
68-69.9%    D+   62-67.9    D   60-61.9    D-
<60%              F

Materials Needed:

•Plenty of notebook paper
•Pencils/pens (I prefer pencils so mistakes can be erased; not crossed out!)

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Assignment Due Dates:

• Assignments are due in the assignment basket at the beginning of class on the due date.  Any work turned in after the beginning of class is welcome, but will be considered late.  Since assignment due dates vary, it is highly recommended that you write the due date at the top of the assignment or in your daily planner provided to you at the start of the school year!

Late assignments will be accepted at a reduced grade:
            10% off if late but in the same day or next day, 20% off if two days late, 50% off for three days late.
            **After three days, I will not accept it.

Weekly Schedules:

• It is my goal to provide a weekly schedule of assignments. This weekly schedule will be written on the top board at the front of the classroom.  Be sure to check it on Mondays! This schedule should be used when planning absences so that you can arrange to make up work missed.  This schedule can be used in unison with a planner to help you become more organized.  Keep in mind that the schedule is not set in stone and is merely a guide to shoot for.

• I will have extra copies of all assignments so if you miss a day and need an assignment, or if  you need a replacement, one will be available.   


Excused Absences
••Please bring an excused absence slip from the office the day you return to class.  It is school policy that a note from parents/guardians must be received by the office no more than 48 hours after an absence.  After that, an absence is considered unexcused.  I will accept excused absence slips up to 5 days after your absence, and will assume it is an unexcused absence after that time.

 Unexcused Absences
••Students with unexcused absences ( no parental consent) will receive a “zero” for any work that is due or missed on the day of the absence. 


I will follow the tardy policy of the school. If you are more than 10 minutes late, it is considered a truant absence. 

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You will be expected to take care of personal business during the breaks between classes.  Knowing that there are occasional “emergencies”, you will be allowed 3 passes per quarter.  Once they are used up, you receive no more.  If you have all three at the end of the quarter, you will receive 50 extra credit points.

Assignments and Absences:

• If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what assignments were missed, it is YOUR responsibility to turn in assignments that were due while you were absent, and to complete make-up tests and labs within the time allowed (one day for make-up per day excused absence).  Missed assignments (including tests and labs) that are not made up will earn a zero.

• If you are absent on a due date or on the day of a test, you will be expected to turn in your work or take the test the
day you return (whether we have class or not)!  This will be done on YOUR time, not in class.  A student who
misses the scheduled make-up (or fails to schedule one) will earn a zero for that test/lab.

• Students with unexcused absences (those without parental consent) will not receive credit for in-class work (such as labs and tests) missed during their absence.  Other assignments will be accepted, but will be considered late if they aren’t turned in on the scheduled due date.  To allow for continuity of instruction, students with unexcused absences can receive work missed, although they will not receive credit for that work.

Extra Credit:

Extra Credit is limited in this class.  It is my belief that if enough time and energy is put into the assignments, extra credit should not be needed.  However, I realize that everybody has an off day or do not fully understand every assignment so extra credit is available by the following ways:

  1. During films I require students to take a given amount of notes.  For every two extra notes taken, one point extra credit will be given, up to a maximum of 10 points.  In other words, taking more than 20 extra notes will only earn 10 points extra credit.
  2. If you earn a D or less on a test (excluding semester finals), correct your test with Mr. Cox (outside of class time, within five school days of the date the test) and earn points as follows:  D 10%  of test value, and F 15%
  3. Not using a pass throughout the quarter will earn 50pts extra credit, using one pass will earn 35pts, using two passes will earn 20pts, using all three will not earn extra credit.

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Policies While In The Classroom


  1. Respect all people and property. Treat people as you would like to be treated.  (No name calling or swearing!)
  2. Follow school guidelines as stated in Student Handbook.
  3. Come prepared for class daily.  This means you have a notebook, pencil and textbook.
  4. Use Class Time for class-related work. 

    use your break time to take care of personal business
    no portable music players, headphones, cameras, game devices, etc. unless needed for the in-class activity or permission is given by Mr. Cox.

  5. SAFETY in the classroom is of utmost importance.

    • READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before the start of any assignment/lab/etc.
    follow all safety instructions and carry out lab techniques as instructed
    conduct only experiments that have been assigned or approved by Mr. Cox
    no food or non-sealable drinks in the classroom
    shoes must be worn at all times

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Labs and Lab Safety:

Laboratory work is an important part of this class, and safety in the lab is critical. You will be expected to follow all lab safety guidelines at all times. Failure to follow safety guidelines may also result in exclusion from the lab, with no opportunity to make up the lab work missed.

Honor System:

An honor system will be in effect at all times.  Students are encouraged to work together on any assignment (except for tests) but copying another student’s work, copying answers from "keys" or other similar sources on the internet, or engaging in any other dishonest action will earn an automatic “zero” for that assignment, for all students involved.  Lab partners will obviously have similar answers but should use their own words for all responses.  Any form of communication during a test (written, verbal, gestures, glances, etc.) will earn a “zero” grade for that test for all students involved.

Office Hours:

I will be available for conferences or make-up work a half an hour before and after school hours.  If this is not suitable contact me and we can arrange an alternative time.  If need be, I can meet with individuals during lunch if arranged ahead of time.

Fire Drills:

In case of a fire or other emergency follow the evacuation plan discussed in class.  A map is posted near the door of the classroom.

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